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Chicago & Beyond

Headquartered in Geneva, Illinois, RivalMind is an industry leader in web design, SEO, and social media marketing. Our team is passionate about making a quantifiable impact in all we do, for clients in Chicagoland and beyond. We thrive on customer success, laboring tirelessly to make our clients visible through search, social, and mobile platforms. We produce world-class websites with strategic purpose—tangible, economic goals.

Lovin’ Geneva

Geneva is located on the western fringe of the Chicago suburbs, known for its scenic location along the Fox River. Our office is located in the heart of the business district, on the river, one block from numerous shops, restaurants, and the commuter rail station.

HQ Address: 315 James Street, Suite A, Geneva, IL 60134
Design Office: 25 N. River Lane, Suite 1147, Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: (630) 492-0470
Email: [email protected]

Deliberate Design

We start with a strategic purpose, defining tangible, economic goals, but ultimately succeed by connecting with people via thoughtful design.

Expert Development

We can build anything for anyone. We support well-known brands, midsize clientele, and small businesses poised for online growth.

Nuclear SEO

Search traffic fuels new business, yet few companies harness the true power of SEO. We ignite brands, and live on the leading edge of search science.

Local Search

80% of consumers use search engines to find local products and services. Half purchase the same day. We drive customer action with local SEO.

Content Marketing

We develop and distribute valuable, relevant, search-optimized content to attract, engage, and retain customers searching for solutions.

Strategy Consulting

Our experts provide strategic planning and mentoring rooted in a profound understanding of today’s search, social, and mobile universe.

A Chicago SEO and Web Design Agency

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