89% of consumers start with a search engine.

39% of customers are acquired via search.

We’re Visibility Experts

With more than 100 billion online searches performed every month, there’s unlimited opportunity. But to take advantage of this activity, your website must be search-optimized with the proper tagging, structure, mapping, monitoring, and more. If you haven’t successfully applied the latest SEO techniques, your target audience won’t find you. Instead they’ll find your competitors. Work with our SEO team to grow your traffic and business.

We’re Content Producers

High quality content that is unique, usable, and enjoyable serves as a concrete competitive advantage. A search-optimized website is essential, but excellent content deployed onsite and offsite is attractive to visitors and required by Google. Thus, creating an ongoing process for SEO-friendly content development, distribution, and syndication is paramount; as evergreen content developed today yields visitors for years to come.

We’re Backlink Strategists

The web today is comprised of trillions of links. Who links to your site and how they link to it are the fundamental factors driving your search engine rank and website traffic. So, how do you control this? The overall concept is elementary, as quality links are usually the byproduct of a good online marketing plan. The complexity lies in the day-to-day details of strategic content creation, opportunity analysis, and link prospecting — our specialty.

Results backed by reporting.

We provide an abundance of vital analytics, as well as full access to daily task details and email updates.

We are committed to customer service excellence. As such, we work closely with our clients, providing regular updates and complete transparency through comprehensive progress reporting and access to daily task details and deliverables.

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During the keyword discovery phase of the project, we work closely with you to determine the best keyword targets and landing pages. We use your current site traffic, keyword research tools, and your business strategy to determine the target keywords your prospects are using when looking for your products, service offerings, and even your competitors.


We then create keyword-relevant articles and blog posts for your targeted terms each month. The content is developed to ensure one article can be used several times during the link-building phase of the project. For brick-and-mortar locations, we also standardize your business listings across more than 60 directories. Google rewards visibility and consistency.


Our ongoing link-building program distributes new content to appropriate sites that accept high-quality material. Each guest-post, article, graphic, or video links back to your site with relevant anchor text. Finally, all new pages are added to social bookmarking sites and other locations to improve the indexing of your content by all major search engines.


Any confirmed links are included in our linking rotation so appropriate new articles may link to other articles or social bookmarks. This process increases the value of links into your site. All of our tasks and activities are available for client review through our project management platform. We track progress and provide routine transparent reporting.

The constant creative effort by the RivalMind team is impressive, and so is the SEO impact. We're blown away by new-customer engagement and how RivalMind put us on the map in Denver—literally.

John WilliamsCofounder, Escapeworks Denver

You are the best. The impact you've had on lead generation through SEO and our latest mobile website is remarkable. The statistics speak for themselves. We wouldn't consider working with anyone else.

Christina KleinFounding Partner, Klein Hall CPAs

I am amazed at your level of effort, detail, and dedication to the SEO process (and your communication). It's far more complex than I could have imagined, but the results are truly profound.

Kristen HendricksFounder, Kwagala Project

In today’s information age, speed, flexibility and innovation are the foundations of business success. The impressive work your team produced is a shining example to all our associates.

James D. PowerFounder, J.D. Power & Associates

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