We conduct cutting-edge user-experience research.

Delivering actionable insights that dramatically improve website performance.

Why We Study

Simply put, the purpose of our research is to provide clients with a clear competitive advantage. A poor user experience compels visitors to exit a website prematurely and has a negative impact on the brand. A positive experience is expected by users (especially when rivals are only one click away) and can dramatically impact revenue, loyalty, advocacy, and ROI. With our research, marketers are better positioned to pursue web design improvements that maximize sales.

How We Study

We survey thousands of consumers annually to uncover their ever-changing expectations, needs, attitudes, and preferences with websites. We perform in-depth usability studies to collect feedback on design, layout, content, functionality, and more. We contrast user preferences with actual experiences, then benchmark the competition. It is certain, web success requires strategic planning rooted in a profound understanding of the online audience and competitive landscape.

What We Learn

A strong positive correlation exists between website usability and the likelihood an individual will use a particular website (or recommend a site) when actively shopping for the products/services offered. Consequently, our research serves as a website-success barometer – forecasting the likelihood of conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. We help organizations worldwide increase site performance and profitability by exposing opportunities and threats via the voice of the customer.

Our Latest Study

United Van Lines and Wheaton Van Lines Perform Particularly Well in Moving Company Website Visitor Satisfaction

More than 2,000 consumers were surveyed regarding their expectations, needs, attitudes, and preferences with moving-company websites. In addition to rating features and usability, respondents answered open-ended questions about their experiences.

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An essential component of website strategy involves the identification of each visitor type. Simply generalizing your audience makes it much harder to deliver a truly helpful and engaging experience. RivalMind digs deep into what kinds of people make up your target audience, as well as what they want; otherwise, your website attempts to be everything to everybody, instead of tailor-made for your customers.


The ultimate goal of any website is to attract, engage, influence, and convert visitors. To accomplish this, you must first understand your visitors—their goals, roles, and personas. You must also understand the competitive landscape, functional requirements, content resources, and more—then coalesce all such data under one framework in support of an efficient and effective website strategy.


Profitable design is deliberate—every single pixel—and requires research, the voice of your visitor, industry expertise, and UI design experience. These are the fundamental building blocks that meld form and function, and lead visitors to conversion (your predefined marketing goals). We specialize in user-centered design: commercial-grade websites, ecommerce, and mobile apps.


High quality content that is unique, usable, and enjoyable serves as a concrete competitive advantage. A search-optimized website is essential, but excellent content deployed onsite and offsite is attractive to visitors and required by Google. Thus, creating an ongoing process for SEO-friendly content development is paramount; as evergreen content developed today yields visitors for years to come.

With a dozen local competitors, it was important for our website to blow away the competition. From design to functionality, this site couldn't be better, and the RivalMind team was exceptional to work with.

John WilliamsCofounder, EscapeWorks Denver

In today’s information age, speed, flexibility and innovation are the foundations of business success. The impressive work your team produced is a shining example to all our associates.

James D. PowerFounder, J.D. Power & Associates

You are the best. The impact you've had on lead generation through SEO and our latest mobile website is remarkable. The statistics speak for themselves. We wouldn't consider working with anyone else.

Christina KleinFounding Partner, Klein Hall CPAs

I can't say enough good things about the RivalMind team. They are experts and consummate professionals. Their process is exemplary and we love our new website... a giant leap forward.

Jeff StuepfertPresident, Red Rock Financial

The website is truly outstanding. We love it and feel like we’ve taken (you’ve given us) a huge leap forward as an organization. I’m finally proud to refer people to our site. Thank you.

Kirk VanmaanenDirector, Harvest Bible Fellowship

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